Problems have been known to be part of jobs or an organisation where people have to work to earn just to meet up with their financial demands, usually,in most problems, it leads to people losing of jobs, or even more grievous consequences and in little cases, love and compassion comes into place to save the day. And this was exactly shown to me, by Wale Akinyemi who was an older colleague, a friend who i never know was more than a friend.. Wale Akinyemi and i, became friend at MAYFLOWER COLLEGE In Ijaiye Lagos state of Nigeria Where we both worked, i as an intern and he a full fledge staff. We became friends due to fact that he had communicative skills which i did too,and we easily blended, i got to know him better later, he was older, he had a wife and was living comfortably, and on the contrary i was toiling to get enough fun to go back to the university, to complete my program. He easily found out everything about me, my financial woes and travails, always promising me succor from above someday In my 2nd year working at MAYFLOWER COLLEGE the government had hit the organisation with a massive fine, for failing to comply with some rules. and after the woes, Mayflower never remained the same, the salary started depreciating, the amount of students waned, it trimmed in half, and a hoax spread that soon we would be shut down or even through extinction.. Staffs had to go, the management downsized the working class, i knew i would go too, i had nowhere to turn, even the birds of the air knew the terrible rate of Joblessness in Nigeria. it became a source of pain to me, how then could i pay my way back to college? I was already taking my last look at mayflower, when my Friend Wale Akinyemi told me that he has just submitted a resignation letter, stating that organisation retain me in his place. It was probaby a big Joke to me, but it was real, it could have been my end, and Wale knew it, and he became that stepping stone to solve my work problem, the love and compassion he showed was unmatchable, he definitely would go bankrupt till he got a new job, yet he stepped down, resigned to save me from being jobless. The way my work problems got solved were sacrificial and unconditional, love and compassion, indeed were the reason, and i became a recipient of what may go on to decide my fate in the future.

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